How it Works(FAQ)

  1. What is the process to apply for a job?
    You can simply go to the ( jobs ) page of the website, whichever job you are interested in, simply click on the ( Apply ) button We will then reply to you in 1- 4 working days.
  2. Does EstateJob offer premium services?
    Yes we do, all our services are premium as we match and send your resume directly to the related employers and we also follow up with the employers.
  3. Can someone else pay for me?
    Yes you may get someone else to pay for you, please just let that person send us an email telling us the payment is for you.
  4. Do you offer any free services?
    There is an ( Urgent Jobs ) section on the home page of the website, you can apply directly to employers using that link, it is free for now However, if for premium & full access to all employers, a payment will be applicable.
  5. Is EstateJob affiliated with any other websites?
    No EstateJob in not affiliated with other sites.
  6. How quickly will employers reply back to applications?
    That is a subjective question, there is no answer to that, as there are many factors that no one can control.
    1) How long will a company take to review your resume
    2) How long does the company take to reply back to me
    3) Will I pass or fail the interviews with employers
    EstateJob has NO control over any of the above, so we could not say when you would get a job offer.
  7. Can I pay for your service from the first month of my salary?
    Sorry, the payment has to be made in advance.
  8. Can a husband and wife apply as one and pay one fee?
    No that is not possible, every individual job seeker has to pay for the services availed for.
  9. I am a student looking for a summer job in India, can I apply?
    No you cannot, EstateJob does not deal with students looking for summer jobs.
  10. Can I trust your website?
    Yes, we use state of the art SSL certificates for security and privacy.
  11. What type of question will employers ask at the interviews?
    EstateJob can send you available past questions and answers for entry, intermediate or senior interviews.
  12. How does your company get the jobs?
    That’s easy, we have been in the industry for over 8 years, so employers know us well.
  13. Can I apply for a refund at any time?
    Refund will not applicable once the services are availed.
  14. Do you make the hiring decisions or employers?
    All hiring is completed by the employers.
  15. After I send the payment, would i receive a receipt?
    Yes our system sends you an instant receipt to your email address.
  16. Will EstateJob notify me of new jobs and jobs that match me?
    Yes, you can see all job alerts when you login to your account and the system will also send you an email notification.
  17. When and how does EstateJob update the site with new jobs?
    As new jobs come in, we then post the new jobs to the correct job category on the website, new jobs can come in every 1 – 2 days.
  18. If after an interview with the employer, they don’t choose me, then what?
    Then we continue sending out your resume to all related employers until you are hired.
  19. How long do contracts last with employers in India?
    Contracts can be any amount, as that will be decided by the employer when they give you a job offer.
  20. Can you say how long it can take to get a job in India?
    Getting a job depends on many factors ( how long employers take to reply back to you, if you pass or fail interviews with employers ) and many other factors.
  21. How and where are the interviews held?
    If you are not in the INDIA, then employers will conduct phone interviews, maybe video conference from time to time.
  22. Can I apply for more than one job?
    Yes you can apply for as many jobs as you wish, from your account.
  23. Can I have an Online Interview  with employers?
    Yes, Online Interview  can be scheduled only on paid services on our Centers.
  24. How will I get a job confirmation?

Our Services,

  1. First you Sign Up & Create an Account on our portal EstateJob,
  2. If you are an Individual/Candidate, then you Apply Job-Request and you can add your CV.
  3. If you are a Company or an Agency, You can post your jobs in order to shortlist candidates.
  4. For Candidate(Individual) Job request with Our Care Services:
    • You will have to create a video for your introduction & your work experience (Duration: 1 minutes Profile-Video(MP4) Only)
    • Check your Profile and Update all the information correctly.
    • Once done our Customer Service Representative will get in touch with you by WhatsApp Support
  5. For Company/Agency Communication request with Our Care Services (if you want to verify your account then)
    • First Create your Company profile
    • We would need your Trade License, Website & LinkedIn for profile verification.

Note* :
General awareness, Visitor must be verify Publish articles in his/her self. Because this information is behalf of Agencies/Companies/Individuals(Candidates), if you find any wrong information please contact us for correction, we are not responsible you’re in losses, basically we try our best services more read FAQ & Terms.

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